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Welcome to Technopolis!

Hello and welcome to Technopolis, I am very happy to announce my new Blog and upcoming YouTube channel.

In the coming weeks, I will try my best to publish some real cool tutorials about some interesting and advanced topics and projects. I will start with writing blog articles and will try later to produce YouTube videos for it. Here are some ideas for the upcoming projects.

DIY LoRa Protocol like LoRaWAN

We dive briefly into LoRa and LoRaWAN and with the help of a MikroTik LoRa Gateway* we will write a Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder Server in Python to interact with it. Additionaly we will define our own LoRa Protocol that supports strong encryption and signing.

Secondly we will use PostgreSQL and PHP or NodeJS to build a Web GUI for our own LoRa Server. If it works out smoothly, we will also take a look how to write a cross platform encrypted LoRa Messenger with ElectronJS.

(*every Gateway that supports UDP legacy servers should work fine)

We will program an ESP32 MAVLink compatible Rover that can be controlled via QGroundControl. To spice it up, we will progam first our own MAVlink GCS in ElectronJS and then move on to build a hardware GCS with Arduino Leonaro and ESP32 + Ethernet

Smarthome and IoT

I will show my different iterations of Smarthomes which I have built over the years. From the humble beginnings with the terrible ENC28J60 module to the chinese W5100 Arduino Ethernet Shield clone that came with its own hickups, to the more professional ESP32 based KC868-A16 Smarthome and how we can make a cheaper DIY variant of it.

DIY ESP-NOW like WiFi Protocol

Couple months ago I have also went deep down the rabbit hole and experimented with Espressif own wireless protocol ESP-NOW. Impressed by the power of the little ESP32, we will try to build our own custom protocol with raw IEEE 802.11 packets.


Update: Arduino W5100 Ethernet (Clone) and other nightmares... ChatGPT